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Staffing shortages in Hanover nursing homes and hospitals are becoming an increasing problem. Let us help

Hanover’s Preferred Medical Staffing Agency

Preferred HealthStaff Hanover is a trusted medical staffing agency serving health care facilities in York, Shiloh, Hunterstown, Stewartstown, and in communities throughout the Hanover area. Our medical staffing agency has experienced and trained professionals on staff ready to be placed at your facility. Working together, we can ensure your facility is always fully staffed with the professional caregivers you require.

With changing health care regulations, finding experienced and professional staff has never been more critical or more challenging. Hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities throughout the Hanover area trust our medical staffing agency to provide access to quality caregivers, nurses and aides. To ensure we are able to meet your needs and provide the most trained and qualified staff, we have developed a comprehensive screening process. Before joining our medical staffing agency, care professionals must provide verifiable identification, experience, references, and credentials.  Once we have confirmed a caregiver has the quality of character to represent our medical staffing agency, he or she will participate in the following screening steps:

  • Child abuse and criminal history check
  • Drug screening
  • Complete a physical form
  • Skills assessment
  • Tuberculosis testing
  • Blood Borne Pathogen certification
  • CPR certification
  • First Aid certification

The interview and screening process at our medical staffing agency is extensive. We only hire caregivers we are confident have the skills and experience to blend seamlessly into your team.

All caregivers from Preferred HealthStaff Hanover are also required to participate in our training program. We offer more than 60 training classes to ensure the caregivers from our medical staffing agency have the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running. From knowledge of HIPPA regulations to managing medications, caregivers, nurses and aides have a wide range of responsibilities. It’s essential the caregivers from our medical staffing agency can walk into your facility and provide superior care with only a minimal level of direction and supervision. Our training programs help ensure each caregiver we hire is ready to provide care and follow protocols from day 1.

When staffing needs are fluctuating, being able to call on experienced caregivers from a medical staffing agency can make your job easier. Our medical staffing agency can provide you with access to experienced caregivers who are ready to provide care the minute they set foot in your facility. Our medical staffing agency helps you reduce costs associated with recruitment, training and benefits.

Please call our Hanover office today at (717) 698-1507 to find out how our medical staffing agency can help.