Homemaker Services in Hanover, PA

Homemaker services from Preferred HealthStaff provide seniors in Hanover, PA with a helping hand for everyday tasks around the home. We know that housekeeping and homemaking can be a struggle for many seniors. Our homemaker agency is here to help. We match seniors in Hanover with supportive homemaking caregivers giving them the helping hand they need to live safely and comfortably at home.

Homemaker Services for Hanover Seniors

There’s a wide range of reasons why seniors in Hanover turn to homemaker services from Preferred HealthStaff. Sometimes, physical health concerns make certain tasks difficult or even dangerous for seniors. If your loved one suffers from frailty, poor balance, joint issues, or a heart condition, they may have trouble with activities that other people take for granted. Homemaker services ensure these tasks are performed without seniors putting themselves at risk. In other cases, seniors have simply reached a point where they want more time to relax and enjoy their golden years. Even if these seniors don’t find homemaking activities that difficult, they might still find that they’re uncomfortable, unenjoyable, or take too much energy. With help from our homemaker agency, seniors in Hanover can dedicate more of their time to the activities they truly enjoy. Our homemaker services for seniors in Hanover include:
  • Washing and folding laundry
  • Cleaning floors
  • Doing dishes
  • Tidying up after meals
  • Making the bed and changing linens
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Grocery shopping

Hanover’s Trusted Homemaker Agency

Preferred HealthStaff is proud to be Hanover’s trusted homemaker agency. Our office is locally owned and operated, providing homemaker services to seniors in Hanover, York, Hunterstown, Shiloh, Stewartstown, and the surrounding communities. You will find a skilled and experienced team of at our homemaker agency. All Preferred HealthStaff caregivers have been rigorously trained and possess at least two years of professional experience. Our agency goes to great lengths to ensure every client is matched with a caregiver who is ideally suited to the client’s care needs. We make it easy for families in the Hanover area to get started with homemaker services by providing free consultations in the comfort of seniors’ homes. We also make it easy to combine homemaker services with other types of in-home care provided through our agency. Our services are personalized for each and every client, ensuring your loved one gets the care that he or she needs. To learn more about homemaker services from Preferred HealthStaff and book a free consultation for your loved one in the Hanover area, please call (717) 698-1507.