Companion Care Services in Hanover, PA

If your mom or dad lives by themselves, companion care services are an effective way to help them combat feelings of loneliness. As Hanover’s source for senior home care, Preferred HealthStaff can provide your loved one with regular companion care visit. Companion care offers the company, conversation, and social support that many seniors find themselves missing in old age. Our companion services for the elderly are particularly valuable for older adults in the Hanover, PA area who are at risk of senior isolation. By providing companion care on a regular basis, our caregivers can help isolated seniors avoid the damaging effects to mental and physical health that senior isolation can bring about.

Companion Care Services for the Elderly

Older adults are more prone to social isolation than any other age group. Many have physical difficulties or disabilities that prevent them from leaving their home. Others simply don’t have the energy to go out. Adults who relied on the workplace for social interaction often struggle to find other social outlets after retirement. Problems can be especially acute for single seniors and those who live far away from their children. Beyond loneliness, senior isolation can have a devastating impact on mental and physical health. Isolated seniors are more prone to stress, insomnia, depression, frailty, and illness. There is a strong correlation between social isolation and a reduced lifespan among the elderly. Our companion care program can be especially helpful for seniors in the Hanover area who are at risk of senior isolation. Companion caregivers provide valuable social contact to these seniors. Caregivers can provide conversation, someone to share old memories with, and a helping hand around the home, give isolated seniors the social interaction they need. But companion care services for the elderly don’t just help isolated seniors. They can also be valuable for seniors who need a helping hand or a partner for favorite activities, like gardening, walking, or games. Our companion care services also provide Hanover seniors with someone to look after them when they are home alone. This can prevent burglars and fraudsters from taking advantage of seniors. It also means someone is there in the event of an emergency to ensure a quick response.

Hanover’s Choice for Companion Care

Preferred HealthStaff is proud to be Hanover’s source for companion care services. As with all of our services, clients benefit from a personalized approach. We will be happy to build a care schedule that fits your loved one’s routine and can combine companion care with any number of other services. All of our caregivers are experienced and compassionate care professional who have been carefully vetted prior to joining our agency. To get started with a free companion care assessment for your loved one in Hanover, call (717) 698-1507 today.